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Nine years ago, I spent the summer studying abroad in London. It was my first time out of the country and really out on my own. I remember thinking, I should keep a journal, before all the blog fad and Facebook was just a baby. But I was too caught up in school and partying to realize what those written memories were worth. London changed my life and my perspective; I fell in love with travel. Ever since then, I have travelled every year to somewhere new and touched on every continent except Antartica, and my passion continues to grow. Now, almost a decade later and thousands of pictures I have never shared, Joel and I have started our own travel blog; our two loves, travel and photography. We have been working towards this goal the past six months. I had no idea the time, frustration and learning curve it takes to build a real professional website, with good photography, text, and web design. We will putting posts together on trip planning, hotel reviews, and travel stories and experiences. Please let us know if you need any tips and suggestions. I hope everyone enjoys our Traveller Lifestyle and follows us on our next trip!

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  1. JMac

    How exciting!
    I’m so happy you guys have finally announced your new blog adventure! Y’alls passion for doing this right has really kicked me right in the rear to get my site updated. I hate web – with a passion. As I grow with my work – I look back and see how horrible my little site was and how poorly presented my work was… so I’m giving it a much needed overhaul. I was hoping I could have it complete by the end of my recovery from surgery but I spent most of that time doped up on pain killers. Please feel free to provide feedback on what little I have up thus far.

    ps… I think y’all will be SUPER happy joining forces! It’s a lot of work to keep up two sites! xo

    1. Joel Viruet

      Hi JMac, just checked your site. I think the last time we spoke it wasn’t mobile responsive, but now it is. You’ll make it look awesome with all your graphic design experience. You and Rob are pretty creative, so you already have a great start and will build something cool. I had to learn from scratch so it took me forever. I do like my theme (X-Theme), has a pretty good visual builder and is very flexible, check it out here.

      Thanks for the comments!

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  2. Lauren

    This is awesome guys!!! I am so excited to see what you put together. Looking forward to living vicariously through you and all your exciting travels!

    xoxo- Lauren

  3. Lisa Hancock

    I’m so happy and proud for you two. You have accomplished so much. All your traveling has taught me a lot about geography and world events. Love you and miss you always! Your biggest fan, Mom

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