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The Timeless Georgian Terrace

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The Georgian Terrace has one of the best locations on Peachtree Street at a very attractive price point. That really sums it up, price and location is what makes The Georgian Terrace my Atlanta hotel of choice. So whenever I’m back in my home city town, usually a few times a year, this is where I stay.

The Georgian Terrace is Located in the Heart of Midtown!

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The Location is excellent, right in the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street, in the heart of Midtown and right across from the Fox Theatre . The area scores high on walkability. There are many restaurants and bars along Peachtree Street. One of my favorite burger joints, The Vortex , is just a few blocks away. Try to get some tickes for their stand-up comedy shows at the Laughing Skull. Piedmont Park is also close and is great for picnicking, jogging, people watching or just laying out. In my opinion, Piedmont Park is what makes Midtown Atlanta an awesome neighborhood. Publix is just a short distance away off West Peachtree and 10th, or you can drive to Whole Foods right off Ponce de Leon Avenue.

The Georgian Terrace has some of the biggest guest rooms in the city!

Built in 1911, this hotel has a lot of history. The exterior and interior of the Georgian Terrace are marvelous. Makes me feel like I am are in the past, especially that 1920’s era. It’s so Gone with the Wind! Sometimes I just like to walk around the hotel and take photos. The pool on the penthouse level is such a treat and is my favorite place to take 360 view photos of Atlanta and views straight up through Peachtree Street. The fully equipped gym, also on the penthouse floor, also has spectacular views.

The guest rooms however, are desperately in need of a remodel. It’s definitely not chic or contemporary style, but you wouldn’t expect it either from a hotel from the 1900’s. The wallpaper, the carpet, and the kitchen appliances all need an upgrade. But the guest rooms do feel clean and are really some of the most spacious you will find in Atlanta for such good rates. Plus, service requests are usually prompt, within 5-10 minutes with a follow-up phone call to make sure your needs were met.

In my most recent stay, I was visiting for the week and I requested if they had a larger room available. I was given a huge 2 bedroom suite, for a base rate of $88 a night! Yep, two bedrooms, a full kitchen (full size refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc.), laundry room, walking closet, living and dining room. This is why I love the Georgian Terrace so much! Again, It’s not a modern chic hotel, but it has a timeless classic feel that goes back to filming of Gone with the Wind. I have stayed in a small one bedroom before, but I have also had friends who landed the bridal suite that came equipped with a big “makeup” room with mirrors, lights, and a cool director’s chair. It’s always a win here. So if you are planning on hanging out in Midtown and staying over the weekend with a group of friends, this is a great choice.

Parking at the Georgian Terrace

The Georgian Terrace offers its guests self-parking in its covered garage for $25 a night, or $29 for valet. That might sounds a bit steep depending on where you live, but it’s actually pretty good for Midtown Atlanta prices. Sure, you might find another alternative for a bit less, but it might not be in a covered garage. And as any other big city, it’s not the best idea to leave your car overnight out in the open! I typically choose to self-park, but that’s just my preference. You will be given a key for access to the parking garage. Please note, each swipe is time-stamped when you go in and out, so don’t try to sneak other guests in under your card. Parking is ample, but can fill up at night specially if there’s a show at the Fox Theatre, leaving your car at the top of the uncovered section of the garage.

The Georgian Terrace is a great place to stay in Midtown Atlanta at some of the best rates you will find. Go check out the Georgian Terrace website for more details.

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  2. Lindsay Newport Jackson


    Thanks so much for the glowing review of the Georgian Terrace! Southern Hospitality is what we’re all about, so we love it when we hear that our guests had a great stay.

    You’re right that we have some of the largest guestrooms in town, and they’re only getting better: We’re in the process of renovating right now, and when complete, all of the rooms will be up-to-date in the modern style you’d expect from a hotel that calls itself “Atlanta’s Modern Classic.”

    Come back and visit anytime!

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