Jammin' in Seven Mile Beach

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As we were walking towards the beach, I felt time slow down as all the stress and worries melted away. I was in Caribbean time. “Ya’mon, respect, no stress”! That phrase pretty much sums it up!. We did not come here to party or stay at an all-inclusive hotel, for that you can go to Cancun or Punta Cana. We wanted to get away, so we decided to go to Seven Miles Beach in Negril over the Memorial weekend (US Holiday). The goal was to relax, to chill by the beach, to find the conch soup I had been craving for so long, and perhaps, to find a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant with home-cooked jerk chicken and goat curry. Too many times we have gone on a vacation to find ourselves so tired when we return that we need another vacation to catch up on sleep and recharge the batteries. Not this time around. We had four days of beachin’ and nothing else.

I had not seen the sky as blue as it was in Negril. Perfect beach weather, not too windy for laying out, and very warm water for cooling off from the hot sun, all while listening to the local rastaman sing reggae melodies. Life cannot get any better than that!

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