Photo Highlight: Toque Macaque

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toque macaque

Sometimes the picture is only yours for the taking! This is a portrait photo I took of a Toque Macaque monkey, an endangered species endemic only to Sri Lanka. By looking at the background, you might think I was in the forest waiting for the perfect shot for the monkey to stare right at me. The truth is, I was just waking up from a night’s sleep at the Heritance Kandalama Hotel when I noticed a family of toque macaques playing in the garden by my balcony. I opened the glass door and standing just about four to five feet away, I shot this photo. Every time I look at this image, it transports me back to that moment, and it’s pictures like these that fuel my passion for travel. As I sit in the airport today, about to depart for my long awaited vacation across Europe, I can only wonder what life will bring my way, and what cool shots my camera will take!

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